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Editors Note- This article was written by Edie Lewis (better known as the Salsa Freak)- Editor in Chief of SalsaWeb

The caliber of instruction by Enio Cordoba and his partner Terryl Jones is unparalleled. Both teach at the Let’s Dance Studio in Alhambra, California, and have a student base numbering the thousands. Holding classes virtually 7 days a week, the Let’s Dance studio has some of the largest dance classes in Southern California.

It’s a rarity to catch them outside of their busy studio for a non-interupted conversation, but I had that opportunity just a few weeks ago. They are both very down to earth, and genuinely nice people, who deeply care about the business and their students.

Enio and Terryl have a dance and training background that is to die for. Both have taught and trained with some of the top names in the industry. “Enio and Terryl” have become household names with dancers and instructors from all over the world, who are eager to take their popular techniques classes, and instructor-training courses.

I have known Enio and Terryl for quite some time, and have had the opportunity of dancing both with Enio, and some of their students. Having been in the Salsa community now for a number of years, and taken classes from some of the best instructors in the world, I can often guess who’s been trained by whom. I can always tell an Enio & Terryl- trained student. Whenever I run across one, it’s always a treat dancing with them. Each has a sharp, exciting, and refined lead,with a taste of ballroom, and a mouthful of Latin flavor.

Enio and Terryl’s specialty is dancing to the music, which is a an entirely different level of education, very difficult to find. Their methods take dance to an entirely different level. This highly professional way of leading can be tricky to follow if you’re always trying to force your basic count and step on the leader. I’ve tried it, and it doesn’t work. What works is hesitating just a bit, and waiting for him. What works is listening to the music. What works is NOT THINKING, letting go, and just enjoying the ride! It’s passionate and fiery, soothing and crystal. Trust me, it will ROCK YOUR WORLD!!


Ladies, expect WHATEVER from these leads; wait for the guy, and and let HIM lead YOU. You never know what to expect. His moves are precise and fast. He plays and uses the music as his lead, not necessarily the methodic underlying rhythms and counts. He’ll hesitate, then speed you sharply into a turn, hesitating again for a brief second, just long enough to pick up the next phrase or hit of the song EXACTLY where it’s supposed to be. To the Enio & Terryl – trained dancer, the basic rhythm is outlined, but the music is what is important.

It’s not often one has the opportunity to take a beginner class from two world-class Masters. I was rather shocked that they were asked to teach beginners at the West Coast Salsa Congress last May. It was for this reason I stayed. I was compelled to see exactly how they taught a beginner class, and was very impressed with their thoroughness, clarity, and simplicity. I watched in amazement as they spoke of keeping your dancing tight, and in a circle, rather than the broader slot approach (which is what I used to teach all the time – until I took their class). They taught beginners the foundations of pivots (a highly technical move normally taught to advanced students) and taught what is called a Rotating Cross Body Lead, “keeping it close in a tight situation”. They explained that the popularity of Salsa has grown so much, that it is has become increasingly difficult to find ample space at clubs to execute typical (slot-based) cross-body leads.

They had a tag-team approach to teaching that was both comical and fascinating at the same time. You can tell they love working together; they make a fabulous team. During their beginner workshop, they shy’d away from the typically-taught “basics and timing”. Instead, they taught physics, the mechanics of body movement, momentum and motion, speed, and control. This fascinated me. I’d never seen a beginners workshop like this before. Physics. The mechanics of body movement and momentum. Taught to Beginners. It all made perfect sense to me. It all clicked in an amazing way. After I saw, and experienced their class, I believe this type of training should be recommened training for all beginners up front, so they don’t develop bad habits, and can progress more rapidly. Beginners as well as advanced Salseros need to be trained this way. The reasons “why” a movement is executed, understanding the momentum concept, how pivots can help a lead, what type of speed should be applied, and where the follower’s body is placed are all vital to a solid, professional lead.

Edie Lewis- The Salsa Freak 

Editor in Chief of Salsa Web

Ron Montez- Arizona

""A master at class intruction, music and presentation. I have known Enio for 45 years and Terryl as well for many years. In this time I have witnessed both of them in action in several areas Including: 1. Dance Instruction. 2. Dance performance. 3. Business Ventures including studio operation. 4. Event hosting and organization, (cruises and various social events). 5. General professionalism and customer service. In all these areas Enio and Terryl have demonstrated superior skill and and talent. These two professionals have a unique ability to connect, relate and entertain groups and audiences they are hired to teach and/or perform for. All participants are guaranteed a rewarding experience, in short, a good time! I don’t hesitate to recommend Enio and Terryl To any studio seeking to increase the size of its client base and to train the staff to better perform their duties. Overall wherever they go These two dance celebrities create excitement, fun and a positive environment. I have often sought out Enio for advice on music, dance and marketing and never been disappointed. It’s also important to recognize their solid integrity in all their endeavors. They are trusted friends and will go beyond the norm to make any event a success. Ron Montez” ”

Michael Kuka Hollwood, Ca.

""I have known Enio since the competitive circuit in the early 80s. His studio Let's dance L.A. was always known for having gigantic classes and parties. Just last year Enio started mentoring us and in the few short weeks our classes have doubled. After listening to Enio, everything he said made sense, so different though than the conventional wisdom that has been around for 40 years. Now our students are excited, they are actually practicing and our privates have gone way up, just from some simple adjustments to our thinking. Not only has it worked in salsa, but Ballroom and Swing as well. After just a few lessons the men are much more confident moving around the floor rather than stuck in one spot doing box steps. I plan to continue working with Enio and Terryl and their new consulting service. every time we get together, he pulls little things that we may have missed since our last session. I hope you can attend his upcoming Ballroom Studio Bootcamp. I know it will be fantastic. Michael Kuka, Ballroom Dance Academy

Heather Smith, Palos verdes, Ca

""Enio Cordoba is one of the greats at teaching Master Classes, so hopefully they will decide to learn before they try.

Alexander Novikov, Diamond Bar, Ca

""Enio , you are so amazing! I followed your tips and had a great 1st Zoom session with my Edelweiss students. Thanks so much for giving great insights on how to be very efficient and not be distracted.

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Customer Review

I have just returned to my country. After the last class I had to run back to my accomodation to pack my luggage. I have been very lucky to learn salsa in Lets Dance studio. Without coming there, I could not even imagine what the real salsa dance is.
When I heard your reputation in NY and watched your instruction video, “Oh my Buddah, I should learn salsa from them.” Then I took your class and was shocked again because of your body move. I have never seen any couple like Mr. Cordoba and Ms. Jones.
When I learned International latin dance in Japan, I watched Japanese Professional Competition on TV and thought every single guy looked gay. I lost my interest to keep learning international latin dance. In NY I watched many salsa dancers in nightclub, every guy looked as robot does. Every time I took your class, I wondered why Mr Cordoba looked so nice different from other people. For the last eight months, you led me to realize the importance to use elbows and rib cage instead of hip for men. Also you way to use foot is what I have never seen before. It is very difficult for me to do it. However, I would like to tell you this.
I danced with one Japanese woman in West Coast Salsa Congress who come here to let her students perform. She is the woman who did not want to dance with me more than one song because of my problem. In Congress, after our dancing she still watched me and seemed to wonder “What on earth happened to that man?” You could guess how I felt.
Without watching your dance, I could not set my goal for my salsa dance. 
Thank you very much


Sharon Savoy

If anyone needs info about running a dance studio you couldn't go to a more knowledgeable source than Enio! Best wishes Enio on your new business endeavor!

Michelle hafle- dallas

"Your System is BRILLIANT!” Utilizing the principles taught by Enio & Terryl has greatly contributed to the success of our studio in Dallas, Texas.This is a seminar not to be missed by instructors or studio owners who are looking to take their business to a different level

Valdas & lilia Padriezas
Owners- Westmor Studio LA & Lithuanian Pros

"Enio is very well-rounded in knowledge of the dance studio business. He consults people on various aspects of the business, while keeping in mind the uniqueness that each studio has to offer, which allows for a more tailored approach when developing a business such as this. His expertise has been tremendously helpful and his unlimited support has been exceptional. Thank you, Enio, for all of your help and guidance. You are very much appreciated!”

Andrew Winnett
Las vegas

"A couple of the absolute best teachers, Enio Cordoba and his beautiful wife Terryl are Amazing. I had the pleasure of taking a seminar with them on how to build, not just a great group class, but a community, and a family of people who love to dance. If you get the chance, I absolutely reccomend you go and experience this. No bullshit, no con, real people giving back and succeeding.”

Ruxanda Calistru
Moldovian Pro

"This evening at Club One studio it was one of the best trainings in dance business that I have ever had. Enio Cordoba- an amazing business man and coach!”

Eva Walburger Dance Department Office Assistant BYU-Idaho

Mr. Cordoba, I have heard wonderful feedback about the workshop that you did with the BYU-Idaho students. Thank you for coming! Your time and expertise are greatly appreciated.
Best wishes,

Editor's Note- reposted from LDLA website,Tony is a highly acclaimed Sports Performance Expert working with professional and elite Olympic level athletes…

I've been to more than 100 studios in the past 35 years and LDLA IS THE BEST STUDIO TO LEARN both competitive and social dance skills and applications for club dancing--THERE IS NO PLACE BETTER!! Nobody is even close! Of course, LDLA is one of the nation's top for Dance Sport as well. Although Enio and I have had our differences of opinion about things--he is often right--I have sent him dozens of students. I am an expert on the psychological, physical and skill training design and instruction for athletic performance and would not want to deprive someone the opportunity, technically and motivationally, to learn under Enio's methods… FORTony

Customer Review

Editors note- reposted from LDLA website.
Dr. Kay Lipton is the Chairperson of the Music Department at Pasadena Community College.

Dear Enio and Terryl:
I want to thank the two of you for the wonderful dance demonstration and class that you gave last week in my Latin American Music class here at Pasadena City College. It was truly thrilling to watch the two of you dance; the class is still talking about it, as are several of my colleagues who wandered in and out. For me it was a particularly great pleasure to watch seasoned professionals who are also terrific teachers, a combination that I find to be increasingly rare.
On behalf of the Music Division here at Pasadena City College I thank you. I know that we all look forward to having you back again soon!
Dr. Kay Lipton

April 29, 2012

Mr. Cordoba,

I personally took salsa classes with Enio Cordoba and Terryl Jones for about 10 years. I met some great people who brought so much joy into my life when I was helping my grandmother in her last days. The dance environment they created was so full of joy and laughter, I always forgot about my problems when I was there. dance is so much more than left foor, right foot, but that is where it starts.
Sabrina Toston

I am so privileged to have had the benefit of knowing Enio and Terryl both from a personal and professional perspective.
As teachers they are SIMPLY THE BEST.    Not only do they have extremely high skills but use those talents to make all their pupils feel special and more importantly give them confidence to stretch themselves.
They are great communicators and are able to slot into any situation and mix with any community.   In addition they are wonderful mentors as I know many would testify to.
From a personal point of view they  gave me a new lease of life through dancing something I shall always treasure.
Whatever they are involved in they will give their all.
Val Sprott

I have taken salsa classes and private lessons with over 20 different instructors and Terryl and Enio are better than them all — by a long shot. Only when I started studying with them did my skills finally reach a new level. Terryl is extremely technical, focusing on which muscles you need to use and when, which way to rotate the bones of your leg or arm, and how your foot should be in contact with the floor. She gives direct and honest feedback. Once you get the hang of it, she’ll even give you a smile! Enio knows all the tricks to make your lead smooth and clear, all while looking good. You will wonder how you ever danced without knowing “elvis the pelvis” and “ta daa” (you’ll see what I mean once you take a lesson!). Their jokes are ridiculous, but you’ll be glad you put up with it, because you and whoever you dance with will be injury free and looking and feeling great.

Julie Tannenbaum

“I never thought I’d be glad to say I live in Los Angeles! But Enio and Terryl are not only two of the best dancers in the world, but two of the best instructors as well, with a focus on fundamentals and lead-and-follow unmatched by anyone else I know. Enio and Terryl are the best!”-

Evan Dorn, Pasadena CA

I loved your two classes: I thought you two were the best dancers at Palm springs NY’s camp– and I hope you will be there again next year. I was hoping you’d have more salsa videos for sale.

David Foster
Glendale AZ

I’ve always wanted to learn to dance Salsa. At the clubs, it all seems so complicated. With Enio’s and Terryl’s way of teaching, Salsa is not only easy but they make it easy to learn. They demonstrate out on the floor and correct common mistakes. LDLA has great teachers and students. I absolutely enjoy going to LDLA and recommend it to everyone that wants to have a good time, meet some great people and just DANCE!!

Alicia Marenco,Ontario CA

Albert Torres, Founder LA Salsa Congress & World Salsa Congresses

Albert presented Enio & Terryl with a Lifetime Achievement Award for Service To the Salsa Community. at the 2005 LA World Salsa Congress in Los Angeles.

In 2012 as we were departing Alhambra, several students organized a surprise tribute for us. Speaking is LA Fire Chief Ralph Ramirez. 120 of the students signed the following testimonial:

For your exemplary teaching and support of your Dance Students for the past 31 years. Thank you for teaching us the skills to dance. Your jaw dropping performances left us drooling for more. Your thousands of “Gotchas!” to protect our girls. The special memories of your wild and zany costumes during the many showcases. Your special relationship with all of us on the dance floor, and most of all, your genuine passion for teaching dance that has changed our lives forever. You both will always be in our hearts and the spirit of our dancing will always point back to you both.

We all have had the opportunity to venture off to other dance schools. But we returned to our home studio of Let’s Dance L.A. where we always felt your welcome.

Your efforts to build our confidence to achieve anything through dance has paid off many times over beginning in April 1988 when you opened Let’s Dance L.A. on Main Street in Alhambra. Since then your patience and support of our dancing journey has been our guiding beacon to achieve our dreams. We cannot say enough about the impact that both of you had on our lives and look forward to many more years benefitting from your wonderful teaching and most importantly, your endearing friendship.

Congratulations and thank you sincerely for your thirty one years of being  the best dance teachers of our lifetime and for giving us a studio that you created out of your love for teaching dance-Let’s Dance L.A. 

Sincerely all your students