Fox News @ LDLA

 Host Mark Thompson visited LDLA and did a remote broadcast. He says it all. “You’re getting hundreds of people here!”

Let's Dance L.A.- Class

Every one of our classes start with a warmup. Here the Level 2 Salsa class does the same warmup we’ve been doing for 15 years. 

Let's Dance L.A.-Party

Our Monthly parties always had something fun going on. Getting them to come was never the problem. Fitting them all in was.

granada -Class

Even though Telemundo came early in the evening before the big classes, Here you see one of our Casino Rueda classes before the big Salsa classes. 

ABC Visits The Granada

Here’s an example of how you tie in millions of viewers to promote your studio. Once again, they showed up before the big 120 person class was on.


50 years old,  Legendary Past, Iconic Studio. New Owners, New Challenges. See what the studio looked like for the Anniversary/Grand Opening. Here is a staff ensemble I choreographed in 1 rehearsal.

SoHo Studio

30 Months after opening the West L.A. Studio, owner Raul Santiago has opened a 2nd Studio in Sherman Oaks