After Corona Where Do We Go From Here?

Will We Ever See Classes Like This Again?

Covid Issues We Must Face for 2021

How Will The Pandemic Affect Us?

As of June 1 2020, Millions have lost their job, 80% of the country had little to no income for 2-3 months. Dancing is a luxury, so financially many won’t be able to resume privates or groups. Many studios barely surviving in 2019 now will reopen with less than 50% business. Governmental Regulations will change the way we go forward. Many people will be afraid of group activities. Parties and classes are 2/3 of our packages. Some studios will not survive. Change will happen- do you have the tools to survive and thrive as we go forward? 

The New Industry?

To even be viable in the future we will need to change 4 facets of the industry. 

  1. Mechanical: air filters, bathroom fixtures, door handles, etc.
  2. Virtual: Online registration, online check-in, reservation systems, online classes, online payment, etc 
  3. Physical: Distancing on the dance floor, seating arrangements, modifying rotation in classes, washing hands, more
  4. Psychological: Eliminating the fear, dealing with the difficult clients who won’t follow rules; creating want.

Same Ol' Same Ol' or New Direction?

Even if this virus dies a quick death due to Vaccine, herd immunity, or copius amounts of tequila, will you go back to the same thing you were doing, or use this as an opportunity to metamorphose into a fantastic new studio. Many people have discovered online classes, individual styling or shine classes as ways to bring new students to the table. Creating new revenue streams is as important as bringing in new students. How many are you missing?

Will We Ever Be Safe As An Industry?

Dancing has been around for centuries. So have pandemics. Had our government been quicker to react and less divisive, this would have been over by April. Fortunately we have tools that will mitigate exposure- forehead thermometers, UV and filtration systems, and yes masks. If you are cavalier, push for early reopening and there is a second wave, you may erode the trust your students have for you. Be smart

The Psychology To Get Your Students Back

They say the most basic human need is TOUCH. Dance satisfies this most human need. Are people going to risk their lives to learn the Cha Cha?  No. But creating the belief that the studio has taken all the precautions is only one small step. How do you get them to take the first step to come back? Here we will need to be creative and create the opposing fear that they are missing out. When these two balance out, they’ll be back. Read How

Dance Studio Alternatives ?

Let’s hope it doesn’t happen to you, but should you be forced to close, how can you keep your flock together until you can reopen somewhere else? Opening a “dance cooperative”, Parks and Recreation, church halls, outdoor facilities- there are many options. But you’ll need the right sound equipment, temporary city permits,  portable payment systems, and the skills to update websites on the fly.