Whether your studio is in NY or a village in New Hampshire, Hawaii or the south of Spain, my services are geared towards helping studios get opened, established, expand, or even to simply survive.  I can help you over teleconference or I can come to you. 

My studio is very different than yours? How can you help me?

My work is not to change your vision but to help you realize the full potential of YOUR VISION. Do you teach DANCING or do you teach PEOPLE to dance? That is the big question. Until you understand that question fully, you will never reach your full potential. I don’t care whether you teach social or competitive, American, International, or just one dance like Salsa. But if you also want to improve your dance skills as well, I’ve been doing that for 40 years. 

I’ve seen other dance studio organizations on line ?

If you look closely, they are services aimed at ballet, jazz, & hip hop type schools teaching mostly kids. Completely different animal. They are marketing to little girls, your are marketing to adults. You are about partner dancing, they are about recitals. They want you to join their “Golden Circle” to get the secrets… I won’t.

How come I have never heard of you?

After a relatively fast and successful competitive career, I opened  my school, (also raised two kids and coached 8 Ice Dance couples to the Olympics), grew my school so big that I did my own showcases and stopped entering big comps for about 10 years while I bought a 3 story building and built an award winning nightclub and restaurant. While you may not have heard of me, let me name drop a little. Call US Champions Ron Montez, Heather Smith, Victor Veyrasset, Tony Meredith, Linda Dean, or Wendy Johnson. If you go to my personal website https://enioandterryl.com my full life story is there down to the last detail. 

I waited too long, I’m in financial trouble? Can you still help me?

I’m not going to promise I can rescue every studio, but as long as you don’t have an eviction notice taped to your door. I can help, but you have to call now.